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In 1921 Miss Winifred Moyes who was a trance medium started giving great spiritual wisdom and teachings, through a Heavenly Messenger who made himself known to her.


The Heavenly messenger did not disclose his name; however, he described himself as a “humble servant of Christ”. He chose to use the name ‘Zodiac’. This was in order to lift our thoughts from the earth plane to the heavens.


Zodiac preferred to give his Christ inspired teaching while Miss Moyes was in a trance state to ensure her physical mind did not impede the purity of the message.


Thousands of people heard Zodiac’s addresses in halls, theatres and cinemas around the UK, Europe and the US.


Zodiac’s messages would be heard over the next thirty years, and he called these “The Christ Mission. It is upon this that the Greater World is founded.



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Zodiac was a scribe in the Temple of Jerusalem at the time of Christ. He was from a long line of teachers from the house of Abraham. He felt it was his duty to expound the Scriptures and define the law.


In St Mark’s Gospel Chapter 12, verse 13, it mentions about the unnamed scribe who asked Jesus “Which is the first Commandment of all?” The answer being, Love God with all they being and love thy neighbour as thyself.


Zodiac joined the disciples, and was there at the crucifixion and also witnessed the risen Christ. He was also one of the first Christian Missionaries. He travelled long distances to spread Christ’s Gospel love.


Many today accept Zodiac’s teachings as emanating from a true messenger of Christ. Their light of truth continues to inspire souls wishing to develop a close, deeper and more meaningful relation with God.

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